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Why Visit Piggs Enterprises in Prattville

Welcome to Pigg Enterprises, a Family Owned and Operated Pre-Owned Car Dealer in Prattville
If you are in the market for a new vehicle that won't break your budget, you've come to the right place. Pigg Enterprises is a family-owned and operated pre-owned car dealership that's been in business since 2001, winning numerous awards over the years for our exclusive approach to the car buying experience. We do things differently at Pigg Enterprises, and when you step foot onto our lot, you'll feel the difference right away.

"Get a Squeal of a Deal" on a Huge Inventory of Pre-Owned Vehicles

With our family name on the sign, we take pride in offering you a wide selection of high-quality pre-owned vehicles in a no-pressure, no-hassle environment. We like to have fun, but providing you with the highest-quality used vehicle inventory in the region with both fair and honest pricing is something we take very seriously. Our reputation has been built, not only on our stellar customer service but the caliber of vehicles you will find on our lot every day.

In building our massive inventory of vehicles, we aim to target the best brands within each vehicle segment, while ensuring we have options for buyers in every stage of their life. You'll find trucks and SUVs from the likes of Chevrolet and Ford, as well as sedans from Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai to name a few. What's more, our inventory consisting of vehicles from more recent model years means buying pre-owned is truly like buying new with Pigg Enterprises.

Competitive Financing Options

When it comes to financing, we've got you covered. Our dealership works with an extensive network of connections with local credit unions and banks that allow us to provide our customers with loan rates that fit perfectly into a wide range of budgets.

Visit Us Today

Pigg Enterprises, located in Prattville, AL, is proud to serve our local communities such as Montgomery, Millbrook and Wetumpka while also meeting customers’ needs right where they live with our robust online shopping options. Even if you live in Birmingham or Auburn, AL or even Columbus, GA, our team can get you behind the wheel quickly & conveniently, while delivering the personal touch you deserve!
So, what are you waiting for? Visit Pigg Enterprises and test drive one of our quality, pre-owned cars, trucks, or SUVs today. We look forward to seeing you soon.

What is front-wheel drive vs. rear-wheel drive

When picking out a car, performance features should always be checked first. Do you want a fuel-efficient, easy-to-drive car or are you looking for more power and towing capacity? There is truly a difference when looking at the drivetrains in newer vehicles. Front-wheel drive vehicles are lower cost and more fuel-efficient, but they lack the startup acceleration and towing capabilities of an RWD vehicle.
This is all due to the differences in a configuration for FWD and RWD. With an FWD vehicle, the power is shifted from the engine via the transmission to the front wheels. In an RWD vehicle, it’s the opposite. The power moves to the back wheels through the transmission and driveshaft, resulting in the car pushing itself forward.
Essentially, you’ll get more horsepower and a higher towing capacity from an RWD, but FWD may be more your style if you want fuel efficiency. You can test drive all kinds of cars at our Prattville location. At Pigg Enterprises, we take pride in our customer service and can’t wait to share our latest vehicles with you.

Discover Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency

Little things mean a lot when it comes to getting the best gas mileage from your vehicle. Things such as keeping your tires at the proper inflation and getting a tune-up for your engine can help to save considerably when it comes to getting better gas mileage.
The key to getting better gas mileage is reducing drag and friction in the engine. This helps your car burn its fuel more efficiently and use its energy better. A dirty air filter can also cost you at the pump. It can make your vehicle stall when it is idling and make your engine run rough. The best advice for your car and when it should be serviced can be found in the owner’s manual. Follow the prescribed maintenance schedule will save fuel and preserve the health of your vehicle.
Pigg Enterprises recommends calling to make an appointment to get your car serviced so that you can experience the fuel savings.

Oversteer and Understeer; What's the Difference

There are many different ways for the car to steer out of control. Two of the most common are oversteer and understeer. What's the difference between the two?

Oversteer Is More Steering Than the Driver Wanted
Oversteer happens most commonly in rear-wheel drive vehicles, and can easily happen when correcting back after drifting out of a lane. The basic occurrence is when the car steers more than what the driver initially wanted it to.

Understeer Is Less Steering Than the Driver Wanted
Understeer happens most commonly in front-wheel drive vehicles and is a result of the car steering less than what the driver initially commands with the steering wheel.

Strong Motor = Likeliness of Both
If your car has a strong engine, both understeer and oversteer will likely happen more easily. Learn more handling basics at Pigg Enterprises where we can give you tips for staying in control

Communication Devices In Your Vehicle

Stay connected while in your vehicle by using Android Auto. The feature allows you to use many of the details on your mobile device but on the navigation screen in your vehicle. You can ask for directions on Google Assist if you need help with getting to where you're going in Prattville.

You can also ask Google what your schedule looks like or what you need to do with your children during the day. There are options to tap the buttons associated with Google Assist and Android Auto instead of using voice commands. Some of these options include viewing the weather or checking messages.

Use Android Auto to view Google Maps on your navigation screen. These maps are a bit more detailed than those that are programmed with your vehicle. While at Pigg Enterprises, someone can show you how to navigate from one feature to another so that you can clearly see all of the details you need.

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